This is an online portfolio. All items displayed are conceived and created by Kurt Mitchell, artist/writer/illustrator. Appropriate copyrights apply.


The following samples were created for published games.




Interface design for "Diplomacy"-  a turn-based  political/military strategy game with both single player and multi-player modes. Developer: Meyer/Glass Interactive; Publisher: Hasbro Interactive.


"Diplomacy" is a turn-based, limited time strategy game based on the European political climate at the beginning of the 20th century. The look and feel of the interface is designed to convey the highly detailed Arts and Crafts movement which set the visual aesthetic for that time period. It has very much in common with the Steampunk movement of today.


This screen shows the main display screen with a situation map (passive) and gameplay control buttons (active).
All buttons were custom made to show three distinct states: NORMAL; ROLL-OVER; and DEPRESSED.
When a button was clicked a keyed sound effect [CLUNK] gave a satisfying cause-and-effect feedback sensation.

The player was given  a choice of four separate map styles for play.
Notice the old-style rotating chronograph in the upper right-hand corner to track timed gameplay.

This shows the player accessible game control menu which allowed the player to choose between maps,
set turn durations, control  music and sound effects volume, and scroll rate for map close-ups.

This is the call-out menu screen which allowed for setting the timers. The reset buttons in this case illuminated as
though back-lit when depressed.

This is the call-out menu for player customization and AI opponent difficulty settings when playing against
 the computer.. Note the high detail of the carved frame and brushed brass.



These are some examples of interior concept art and realization for the MechAssault series developed for Xbox:

Developer: Day 1 Studios; Publisher: Microsoft.


Initial pencil and value concept study for a briefing room to be used in MechAssault.

The resulting untextured  3D model created in 3DSmax.

The final textured 3D model. (Hologram textural effect by Tim Zwica.)

Same model- 180 degree turn.

Initial first pass concept sketch for a communications center. in MechAssault.

Detail sketches for comm monitor variations.

Another detail sketch for a comm monitor variation.
Second pass at the communications center.

Final approved pass a the communication center. (Note the additional small monitors.)

The final textured interior model used in the game. (60,000 polygons)



Character Concepts-

Some concept passes at future mercenary warriors; stylistic emphasis on grungy, scrounged equipment. 

Building Concepts-

These were created for the MechAssault games...

Vehicle Concepts-






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